Pretty wings

There’s an ache in my heart

It’s trying to fade me away

Wither me down the drain

Tainted by your touch

But my soul is too much

I remain awake

Though I admit

I thought about a trillion ways to hurt you

Pouring this bottle down

Drinking this pain away

But that would makes us twins

Make peace with your past

Or it’ll merge with your present always

Haunt you all your days

I had to end the cycle of my karma

Let the psycho live with his

You move in hate

A rage within

I promise…

My greatness…

You will never forget

I never wanted to be the love of your life

Only wanted you to recognize the fire

To move in love and light

But your so blinded by your ego

I only wanted a friend for life

If you see me in the streets

Don’t disrupt my peace

Let this goddess be

You see…

You can’t go around hurting gods children

Then turn around and ask for ocean dreams


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