Fade out.


I’m sorry for silencing you

For ignoring your needs

I apologize for touching your open wounds

For neglecting your boundaries

I’m sorry I numbed you

For masking the pain

I apologize for not loving you

For the nights I let you be touched and not felt

I’m sorry for being impatient

For rushing to the finish line every time

I apologize for treating you like you weren’t enough

For settling…

I’m sorry for lying to you

For letting your ego win every battle

I apologize for not letting go

For holding on like my life depended on it

I’m sorry for the times I didn’t stand up for you

For letting them all walk over you

I apologize for not seeing you

For making you feel invisible

I’m sorry for giving away parts of you

For letting you be taken for granted

I apologize for the scars

For not letting you heal properly

I’m sorry for making you grow up too fast

For forcing you to learn the hard way

I apologize for the tears

For letting you cry yourself to sleep

I’m sorry for not treating you like a delicate rose

For using your thorns as weapons


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