This familiar scent

It came with the same intent

A familiar quest

Finessing your lies

Trying not to condemn myself

Trying to find the light

Trying to find myself

I burned this sage

The rage wouldn’t settle

The pain made itself a home within

How long have I been in this state of mind?

Trying to kill off this weakness

Trying to shake off what’s left of you

Remembering who I was

An angel in disguise

The lovely loving woman

The loving loyal friend

The one who was there when no one else was…

The one who believed in every word that you said…

I couldn’t see myself

But I could see you

I was merely a victim to my mothers karma

She to her mother’s…..

She to her mothers …..

And she to her mothers….

For the sake of my daughters and sons

I practiced self love

I practiced self control

I practiced letting go

I practiced peace

I fell victim to your fathers karma

The one that left you broken

With a life of uncertainty

And bad habits….

I didn’t know how strong I was until I had to become soft in the mist of anger

I promise to take this raging pain and turn it into the most beautiful fucking thing in the world

I promise my name will haunt you

Make this right before it’s too late

After all…

A writer without her muse, is still a writer

Your time is running out…


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