He said I was hard to please

An artist with depth to her

Layer after layer

He wanted to uncover me

He tried to study me

Sit down and take a class

Learn my body language

Distracted by my curves

As I spoke to him

He took these mental notes

P oetically I had a way with words

He observed me like no other

I felt the frustration

The creator and her creations

I sat with these colors

I sat with these words

He was trying to find me

Seeking but I wasn’t hiding

For my sake

I was playing it safe

Draped in a dress made up of thorns

They pierced through his skin

But he never let go

I mourned the girl I used to know

We both bled…

A beautiful death…

All my traumas shattered to pieces

He cleaned up the mess

He would not let me be

I dropped to my knees

I begged to be freed

He took me by the hand

Pulled me up slowly

Caressed my face gently

Pulled me closer to him

He kissed me…

Lips that felt like the inside of a rose

Suddenly I felt soft

A delicate flower

I was no longer afraid to get lost in love

I was no longer afraid to get lost in my magic

He was just a stepping stone

Gracefully I accepted his challenge to bloom

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