Fade in.


I wanted to burn you down

Light your life up into flames

My fiery fires from within

I couldn’t let him win

I wanted to cut you into pieces

Left you scrambling for peace

Need I remind you…

Karma is a thing.

Silly peasant, disguised as king

She wore the empress new clothes

Naive to her knees

Displayed her weakness in her eyes

Two peas in a pod

Flawed premises

But I’m a Goddess of great eminence

Walking through the valley

Shadows of death

My last breath

A nation of angels came to rally

Waves of Clashes

My gray ashes

Flashes from my flesh

Crashing clouds

Hiding in the mesh of my soul

Threshold to myself

Gateway to the Devine

Portal to what’s mine

I’ll write the sequel

It’ll be lethal to your ego

A horror film.

As you watch my corpse in fear

The terror from your untangling lies

A debt, you’ll regret

My wings soar through the night sky

Rising from the depths

From my death bed where you left me

Gracefully I declared war on the story teller.

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