The Narrator


I know this girl who writes short stories

They speak of love

Some of hurt

A little of betrayal

Tales that left with the wind

Fairytales imprinted on her heart

She leaves a little magic wherever she goes

I know this girl who learned to forgive

Who learned to be soft

With an exterior that’s captivating

Eye contact makes her uncomfortable

The windows to her soul

With an interior

Beautiful like a rose

I know this girl who wears angel wings

You can’t see them

You feel their presence

Her essence

Breathes a little life unto me

Every so often

Reminds me to just be

I know this girl who’s indestructible

She stays balanced

Aligned with what is

Tuned in from within

I know this girl with sex appeal

She dazzles with passion

Oozes with sensual vibes

She’ll leave you thirsty for more

You’ll desire her mind

Make a feast of her curves

I know this girl

She loves to spice things up

Dramatic endings

Sultry beginnings

Lasting impressions

I know this girl

She’s heaven on earth

A goddess in all realms

Magic in every cell

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