I laid there bare

In this moment of truth

As you drank

From my fountain of youth

Manipulate my senses

Caress away the tension

All that I embody

Lies here next to you

Fluent in the sheets

Foreign language

Only your body speaks

Lyrics to my soul

Intertwined in harmony

I’ll sing all night

Swing my hips

I got a thing for you

I’m in the mood for ecstasy

I see it in you too

You’re my happy ending

Read me all night long

Study my curves until the suns up

Breakfast in bed

I can feed your appetite

Revitalize your skin

Make you beg for more

Help you lose control

Provoke you to feast on me

Instigate your hands

Provocative touches

Arouse your mind

It’s too late

You’re in to deep

Ignite the fire

I’ll be your trigger

Undue your zipper

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