You yelled “action” and we’re back into this scene

Your hearts racing

I remember that feeling

The unseen

A familiar love

A touch from above

The glare in your eyes

Your grip on my thighs

Wise beyond your time

Somewhere lying bare in the history of my karma

Within you I see Zion

Maybe its the timing

You should come with a warning

You’re so charming

Now we’re boarding

I’m a ride or die

Now we’re flying

Your kissing me like I’m air and you need to breathe

I’m swearing you off

but you’re pulling me closer

Now I’m fiending for a dose

and you’re reading me like a book

Said I wouldn’t step foot in here again

but the doors wide open

and my unspoken words have found you

Tethered to your spirit

Grounded by your presences

There’s no coming down from heaven

The truth is all over your essence

You make me bloom with no hesitation

Let go of every expectation

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