the weather keeps changing

and seasons have come and gone

you said I was just a faze

treated me like a disgrace

lit the match, that set us ablaze

still I forgave.

writing to survive

another body to make you feel alive

starving for a new life

you’ll never admit it

the reason you were blue

the reason your anger grew

but that lessons for you

it always comes to this

fight or flight with you

memories that my skin wont let me forget

omitting the truth to keep me blind

being wrong, just so you can be right

holding back my light, just to see you shine

Loving you was like “if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

you made love to my being

buried my existence

drowned out my voice

an elaborate scheme

a common theme to you

you held onto them scenes

like the photos of me on you

frozen in time

pretty wings, but they’re not broken

they say home is where the heart is

but home is where I’m missed and never hugged

if you love me, please let me go

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